Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Elementary OS Luna Released

The long wait is finally over. After more than 2 years of development, the Elementary OS team has released the stable version of Elementary OS 0.2 (Luna). Luna features a redesigned icon theme, multiple display support and a stable version of the Pantheon desktop.

Elementary OS Jupiter, released in March 2011, was one of the most beautiful and well-designed distros at that time. The project had initially started in 2009 with the Elementary icon theme and a set of applications for Ubuntu. The themes and apps were combined to create the Jupiter distro which was based on Ubuntu 10.10. Jupiter was a modification of the base Ubuntu distribution with Elementary as the default icon theme, Plank as the dock and Slingshot as the application launcher. Not satisfied with their work, the developers started working on their own UI framework and desktop. This effort resulted in Granite and Pantheon.


The Granite framework provides a unique set of widgets for UI development. These widgets are used throughout the distro for creating UIs for the default apps. Language bindings are available for Vala which allows developers to use these widgets in their own applications.


Decorated Windows

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Pantheon Desktop

The Pantheon desktop shell consists of the following components:

  • WingPanel (the top panel)
  • Slingshot (the application menu/launcher)
  • Plank (the dock at the bottom)
  • Pantheon-Greeter (the login window)



Pantheon Greeter

Elementary Icon Theme 3.0

The elementary icons have been refreshed and sport a modern look. Old folder icons with overlays have been replaced with symbolic icons.

The icons in previous versions of Elementary looked slightly different at different sizes. The new icon theme has a consistent look and comes with icons for all common sizes.

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Elementary GTK Theme 3.4

The elementary GTK theme has also been updated. While the changes are too subtle to be noticed by most users, the developers have made a number of changes to make the theme look great with GTK 3.4 applications.

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File manager with tabs

Download Links

Download the Luna release from the following links or head over to the Elementary OS website.

32-bit version (662 MB) - ISO, Torrent
64-bit version (694 MB) - ISO, Torrent