Saturday, 12 October 2013

TimeShift Installer for Non-Ubuntu Distributions

Using the Installer

Download the installer from the following links: (32-bit, 170 KB) (64-bit, 180 KB)

Run it from a terminal window using the following commands:

sh ./  #32-bit
sh ./  #64-bit

Depending on the distribution that you are using, you may need to install packages for the following dependencies:

libgtk-3 libgee2 libsoup libjson-glib rsync

BTRFS and LVM volumes

BTRFS and LVM volumes are currently not supported as a backup device. Support will be added soon.

Support This Project

This software is free for personal and commercial use and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. If you find this software useful and wish to show your support, please consider purchasing a support subscription using the PayPal link below.

What you get when you purchase a support subscription:

  • Technical support through email for any issues faced while using the application.
  • Features requests will be given higher priority.
  • People donating $10 or more will have their name listed as a sponsor.