Saturday, 18 January 2014

TimeShift v1.4

Recent changes in TimeShift are summarized below.
A big thanks to everyone who sent in their suggestions and bug reports.
The list of people who have donated to various projects are listed on the Donations page.

What's New

Keep Application Settings

The restore window has a new tab which shows a list of applications.
Select the applications for which you want to keep your current settings.
The settings for all other (unchecked) applications will be restored from the snapshot.

For example, if you want to keep your Firefox settings (bookmarks, open pages, etc) select the 'mozilla' item from the Exclude tab.

Similarly if you use Transmission, Deluge, etc select it from the Exclude tab to keep the current state of your torrents.

Mount Devices

The restore window has a new option to mount devices.
If you are restoring another system (not the running system) then select the radio button for 'Other Device'.
Set mount points (/home, /boot, etc) for devices by clicking on the Mount column and then click 'Restore' to restore the snapshot.

If you are restoring the current system, there is no need to mount devices since they are already mounted at system startup.

Aborting Backups

Simply close the main window when a backup is running. The backup will be aborted.

Scheduled Snapshots

Scheduled snapshots are disabled by default. It can be enabled from the settings window.
Scheduled snapshots will be disabled automatically if the backup device is running out of space.

Coming Soon


New tool to simplify re-installation of packages after doing a clean installation of an Ubuntu-based distribution. Can be used while re-installing or upgrading to the next Ubuntu/Linux Mint release.
(ETA - End of Jan 2014)

Conky Manager v2

New version of Conky Manager. Widgets can be browsed by preview image instead of browsing by name. User's home directory will be scanned for conky configuration files and previews will be generated automatically. There will be no need to 'package' themes for the application. (ETA - End of March 2014)


These softwares are free for personal and commercial use and are licensed under the GNU General Public License. If you find these softwares useful and wish to support their development, please consider purchasing a support subscription using the PayPal link below.

What you get when you purchase a support subscription:

  • Technical support through email
  • Feature requests will be given higher priority
  • People donating $10 or more will have their name listed as a donor


  1. Hello guy, congratulations to your conky manager project

    i have only one question, on conky seamod theme, how can i set a different partition to 'Data' indicator?
    thaks for contribute with this awesome software and thanks for patience with this answer

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    Thank you

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