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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Conky Manager v2 Themes

The default installation contains only a few sample widgets and themes.
Download the following theme pack for more themes.

Official Theme Pack #1 (15 MB)

Themes can be imported using the toolbar button or by dragging and dropping the downloaded file on the main application window.

Please note that theme packs created for previous versions of Conky Manager will not work correctly with this version. Some paths may need to be changed.


Most of the themes are from the Eye Candy Linux community on Google+.


  1. Excellent work, some tutorial for building themes?

  2. I accidentally deleted ~/.cache/weather.xml
    Can you give me the contents of that file again?
    Also, the location in the file used to be wrong. How can I fix it?

  3. thnx a lot. great work. Thank You. ;)

  4. Thanks for this man. It's awesome.

  5. I want to change the time format in "Computer love green" from 24h to 12h. Also would love a weather application that runs with it or can be added that would compliment it.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I want to use the 12 hour format, but do not want the leading zero. Can you tell me how to edit the file so that I can do this? I have tried lower case "h", "hh" etc. but cannot get the format i want.


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