Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Conky Themes - Update 2


CPU Panel
The bar at the top now displays total CPU usage instead of CPU usage for each core.

Process List
Displays top 5 processes ordered by CPU and memory usage. Useful for keeping an eye on what processes are running on your system.

Network Panel
Displays current upload and download speeds, network address (both local and public IPs) and speed history graphs.

Displays the GPU and memory usage for NVIDIA graphic cards.

Note: The NVIDIA Panel requires the proprietary graphic drivers from NVIDIA. If you are using the default open-source drivers (nouveau) then values will be displayed as N/A. The proprietary drivers can be installed using the driver manager in Linux Mint.


Download 'ConkyThemes_TeejeeTech.cmtp.7z' from Mediafire (232 kB)


Drag and drop the downloaded file on the Conky Manager window. Start the widgets from the widget list.