Sunday, 17 April 2016

Donations received from Jan to April

The following donations were received from Jan to April 2016. Thanks to everyone who donated. This list will be updated once a month on the Donations page.

04-May-16Robert E Hallstrom$10Timeshift
30-Apr-16Invex Consulting$10Timeshift
30-Apr-16Andrew Gardner$10Selene
20-Apr-16Cliff Duncan$10Aptik
17-Apr-16Gabor Varnai$10Selene$3Timeshift
08-Mar-16Gregg Yearwood$10ConkyManager
27-Feb-16Marco Rossi$10Selene
16-Feb-16Art Doyle$10Timeshift
13-Feb-16Speechcenter, Inc.$20
12-Feb-16Warren Hall$10ConkyManager
10-Feb-16Raymond Shaffer$10ConkyManager
09-Feb-16Jon Loveless$10ConkyManager
25-Jan-16Don Lupo$10ConkyManager
05-Jan-16Gunter Beckmann$10Timeshift
03-Jan-16Alan Whitehead$10ConkyManager


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