Thursday, 21 April 2016

Upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 with Aptik

Upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 with Aptik

Ubuntu 16.04 was just released a few hours ago. Here’s the easy way to upgrade to Xenial using the Aptik Migration Utility.

1. Install Aptik on your current system

Open a terminal window and run the following commands to install Aptik.

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa ; \
sudo apt-get update ; \
sudo apt-get install aptik

Note: Copy-paste the entire text given above. Don’t copy line by line.

2. Backup your current system

  1. Plug-in a portable hard-disk or a USB thumb drive with enough free space (8GB or more is recommended).

  2. Start Aptik from the Application Menu and select a folder on the portable disk as the backup location.

  1. Click on the “One-Click Backup” button and let it finish. This will create a backup of pretty much everything on your current system.

3. Install Ubuntu 16.04

Download Ubuntu 16.04 from the official website and do a fresh installation.

4. Restore Backups

  1. Install Aptik again on the new system using the command given in Step 1.

  2. Plug-in the hard disk that was used earlier and select the backup folder in Aptik.

  3. Click on the “One-Click Restore” button and let it finish. This may take a while as all the softwares that you had on your previous system will be re-installed.


Reset Desktop Layout

Restoring the Application Settings will also restore your desktop layout from the previous system. In case you want a fresh desktop, you need to run the following commands, log-out and then log-in again.

Note: Copy-paste the entire text given below in a terminal window. Don’t copy line by line.


rm -rf $HOME/.cinnamon ; \
rm -rf $HOME/.config/cinnamon-session ; \
rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/cinnamon ; \
dconf reset -f /org/cinnamon/


dconf reset -f /org/compiz/

Xfce (source):

xfce4-panel --quit ; \
pkill xfconfd ; \
rm -rf $HOME/.config/xfce4/panel ; \
rm -rf $HOME/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-panel.xml ; \


rm -rf $HOME/.config/mate ; \
mate-panel --reset

Note: You need to log out and log-in again for the changes to take effect.

Free Up Disk Space by Clearing APT Cache

Run the following command to delete downloaded packages in the cache located at /var/cache/apt/archives. This should free up nearly 1-2 GB on your system.

sudo apt-get autoclean

In case you plan to re-install some software in the future and wish to keep the downloaded packages, run the following command instead:

sudo apt-get clean

This will delete older package versions from the cache (new versions will be kept).

Install the Latest Linux Kernel

Xenial comes with Linux v4.4.6 which is already one month old. You can upgrade to the latest mainline kernel (v5.1 as of now) using the Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility.