Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Ukuu v16.11


Ukuu v16.11 is now available. This update fixes an issue with dark GTK themes that made the items in list unreadable. The main window layout has also been changed.


Ubuntu and derivatives (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc)

Packages are available in the Launchpad PPA for supported Ubuntu releases. Run the following commands in a terminal window:

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ukuu

For older Ubuntu releases which have reached end-of-life, you can install from the DEB files linked below.
ukuu-latest-i386.deb (32-bit)
ukuu-latest-amd64.deb (64-bit)


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  1. Hi, this is a list of issues:

    - there's no information (here) about the Ubuntu/Mint versions compatible with your software repository (teejee2008)
    - first, I tried installing the 64-bit deb but it complained about an unsatisfied dependency: libvte-2.91-0
    - despite the above message, after I added the teejee2008 repository I installed ukuu + another required package, not libvte
    - after I started ukuu, it loaded the list of available kernel versions, then the program closed itself without any kind of message, and it didn't re-start (I thought it closed to reload with the new list)
    - when I selected several kernels and clicked the "Changes" button, nothing happened

    Obviously, after so many weird and unexpected issues I decided I'd better not use the program to install a kernel, so I uninstalled the package and I removed the software repository. However, I ended up with a big issue.

    The package left behind a script: ~/.config/

    That script started automatically on login and it causes one CPU core to go up to 100% usage. As a result, the MDM Display Manager (in Mint 17.3) started leaking RAM badly. I noticed the memory leak by accident, after MDM passed over 12 GB of RAM. Luckily, I have 32 GB RAM and I ignored it until the next reboot.

    Today, after a reboot, I noticed high CPU activity and the fact that MDM kept growing in RAM usage. So I looked in the processes list and I found running. In less than an hour, MDM went up to 6.3 GB of RAM because of ukuu-notify. Once I deleted the script and I killed its process, the MDM instance stopped leaking RAM. Either a bug in MDM or not, it was obvious that triggered the high CPU and the RAM leak.

    So there's plenty to fix there. Good luck!

    1. The script should have been deleted but its harmless. Since the file it tries to execute would have been uninstalled, the script will exit with an error. I don't see why MDM should be using 12 GB RAM because of a script. The actual cause may be something else on your system. File a bug with the MDM developers.

    2. Hi, Tony.

      It seems that the 100% CPU load that is caused by the script is because of the following problem.

      Here is the in essence:

      ..ukuu --notify && sleep 28d

      The problem arises when there is no internet connection. Then UKUU returns Error code and the appendix of the scripting command, i.e. the sleep part «&& sleep 28d» (sleep 28 days = 4 weeks - my value for update period) IS NOT EXECUTED, i.e. there is NO SLEEP. Then the cycle repeats calling UKUU again ad infinitum with no sleep (pause). It is a tight loop with 100% load of 1 CPU core.

      The fix is trivial, just separate two commands:

      ..ukuu --notify
      ..sleep 28d

      Obviously, you have to update the ukuu code that generates the script.

      Am I right?

      Alexei. Regards.

    3. You are right. I'll change this in the next update. Please delete the script for now.

    4. Fixed in v16.12. Thanks for your help!

    5. Yep, it's ok in v16.12 = «ukuu --notify ; sleep Zzz» :) But why not “cron” for update job?

      Second, it seems that “ukuu.json” file missed options for notification dialog, e.g. «show_bubble» and «show_dialog».

      "notify_major" : "true",
      "notify_minor" : "false",
      "hide_unstable" : "true",
      "hide_older" : "true",
      "notify_interval_unit" : "2",
      "notify_interval_value" : "4"

      Great work anyway!


    6. Cyteck

      Ukuu v16.12 is a lovely tool and it takes a great deal of the hassle & effort out of upgrading your Linux kernel version. Especially nice for the less experienced Linux user who is not completely comfortable with using only the command line to complete tasks like upgrading the kernel, highly recommended.

  2. I would like to translate Ukuu to Spanish, how can I do that?

    1. You need to create an account on and then translate the strings from following page:

  3. Hi there cant seem to get any of the GTK versions when running on SSD drive to show any available devices apart from read CDROM. Ive tried editing the .json settings with different UUID but it wont recognise any. Using Mint and various drives are mounted but Timeshift cant see them and the settings icon is disabled. Lets know if there is any more information you would need?

    #alistair@alsmain ~/Downloads $ sudo timeshift-gtk
    E: ts: Failed to get partition list.
    App config loaded: '/etc/timeshift.json'
    xdg-open - opens a file or URL in the user's preferred application

    1. Are you running Timeshift from Live CD/USB?
      Send me the output of "lsblk -fs"

  4. Can you an item to preferences please?
    I am always on the latest kernel and keep getting popups about installing an older kernel. Can I get rid of these popups now somehow?

    1. Notification options are already there. Are you using an older version? There are notification options on the Settings window which you can disable.

  5. Tony - Many thanks for your great tool!

    Using Ukuu v16.11 on Ubuntu 16.04 here. I got a question - I keep on getting this very popup even though I am on a NEWER release.

    My settings are as follows:

    Any idea what might be going on with the magical 4.8.9 Kernel version?

  6. running ukuu 17.2.3 and it says that I don't have a net even though I am connected

    1. Are you behind a VPN or proxy?

    2. Check if any of these commands throw errors for you

      ping -q -w 1 -c 1 `ip r | grep default | cut -d ' ' -f 3`

      ping -q -w 1 -c 1

      These commands should output a message like
      1 packets transmitted, 1 received, 0% packet loss, time 0ms