Sunday, 26 February 2017

Polo Preview 2/26

This is a preview of Polo file manager which is in development.

Beta builds will be available for testing next weekend for people who donate to this project. The final stable release will be available to all users. People who donate will get access to a few extra features in the final release.

If you have donated to any of my projects in the past and are interested in testing the beta release of Polo, please send me an email and I will add you to the mailing list.

Beta builds will be available next weekend (March 5).

Feature status

Completed: Toolbar, Statusbar, Layouts, Tabs, File Context Menu, File Menubar, File Operations, Overwrite Confirmation, Settings, Keyboard shortcuts

Pending (in order of priority): Drag & drop support, Icon View, Sidebar, Trash, Archive support, Cloud support, Remote file system support, Checksum calculations.

Completed this week

Overwrite Confirmation

In case of file conflicts, the list of files to be overwritten is displayed before the copy starts. This allows you to decide at one go if each file should be skipped or replaced. This is useful for long transfers where you can leave your desk and come back later, instead of coming back to find out that the transfer has stopped for an overwrite confirmation.

Clicking the Details button switches to an extended view where you can select and unselect each file individually.

Copy confirmation

A confirmation prompt will be displayed if you copy and paste items in the same directory. This prevents duplicate copies from getting created if you accidentally paste items in the wrong pane.

Statusbar Improvements

Statusbar now displays hidden file count, free space, disk usage and file system type.

Pathbar Improvements

Buttons were added to the right side of the panel for opening current directory in opposite pane and for swapping directories with opposite pane.

A tiny blue icon was added beside the current path which indicates if the pane is active. This icon is gray for an inactive pane. The items on the global toolbar act on the active pane. The information displayed in the global statusbar is also for the active pane.

File Indicators

Small icons have been added beside the file name to indicate if file is a symlink or read-only.

Toolbar Styles

New toolbar styles were added.

Icons only

Icons with labels

Labels below icons

Dark theme

Beta builds of Polo will be available next weekend.


You can support the development of this project by making a donation with Paypal or signing up as a sponsor on People who donate get access to beta releases of applications during development, and extra options in the final release.