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Friday, 24 March 2017

Moving to GitHub

Dropbox has stopped supporting direct linking of files from the Public folder. So the DEB and RUN files linked in my previous posts will no longer work. Instead of moving to another storage provider I'll be switching to GitHub.

The source code for my projects will now be available on both Launchpad as well as GitHub. Both repositories will be kept in sync.

GitHub provides hosting for binary files and a release page that lists the releases for a project. Links for downloads given below:

Timeshift Releases
Selene Releases
Ukuu Releases
Aptik Releases
Conky Manager Releases
Indicator Diskman Releases
Battery Monitor Releases


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  1. Hi Tony,

    why no bitcoin for donation ?

    1. Finally signed up for a bitcoin wallet :)
      Address is updated in post.

  2. Thanks god! Moving to GH is a great decision. We can now follow this project and related issues more closely (have a star!). AND a new release... great work!


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