Saturday, 4 March 2017

Polo 3/5: Beta 1 Released

The first Beta release of Polo is now available.

Beta builds are currently available only to a limited set of users who have donated to this project. The final stable release of Polo will be available to all users (in May or June). People who donate will get access to a few extra goodies in the final release.

If you have donated to any of my projects in the past and are interested in testing the beta release of Polo, please send me an email and I will add you to the beta mailing list.

Next beta will be available next weekend (March 12).

Feature status

Completed: List View, Icon View, Tile View, Toolbar, Statusbar, Layouts, Tabs, File Context Menu, File Menubar, File Operations, Overwrite Confirmation, Settings, Keyboard shortcuts

Pending (in order of priority): Dropbox/GDrive support, Sidebar, Trash, Archive support, Remote and virtual filesystems, Checksum calculations, Drag & drop.

Completed this week

Icon View and Tile View

New icon view and tile view modes were added. Missing thumbnails will be generated for images. Thumbnail generation for videos are pending.

Admin bar

A bar will be displayed at the botton of the panel if the application is running as admin.


Emblems will be displayed on folders and files if they are read-only or symbolic links. Emblems for photos, documents, music and video will be displayed on folders based on its contents.


You can support the development of this project by making a donation with Paypal or signing up as a sponsor on People who donate get access to beta releases of applications during the development stage, and extra features in the final release.