Saturday, 18 March 2017

Polo Update 3/18

This is an update for Polo File Manager. There will be no betas available this weekend as some things are incomplete and I won't be having time to finish it. Beta 3 will be available next weekend (March 25).

Feature status

Completed: Sidebar, Sessions, Media View, List View, Icon View, Tile View, Toolbar, Statusbar, Layouts, Tabs, File Context Menu, File Menubar, File Operations, Overwrite Confirmation, Settings, Keyboard shortcuts

Pending: Sidebar, Trash, Cloud storage support, Archive support, Remote and virtual filesystems, Checksum calculations, Drag & drop.

What's New


There's an new sidebar which displays places, bookmarks and devices. The dark theme is optional and can be disabled from settings.

New Device Selection Dropdown

The device dropdown was redesigned using Gtk popover widget. Selecting a device will mount it (if unmounted) and display contents in the current pane. User will be prompted to unlock the device if encrypted.

New Bookmarks Dropdown

The bookmarks dropdown was also redesigned using Gtk popover widget. Bookmarks can be renamed and removed easily using the icons on the right side.

Panel Layout

The tab and panel layout was re-designed. Instead of multiple panels inside each tab, now there are multiple tabs in each panel. This is more convenient to use than the previous layout. Tabs can be re-arranged by dragging and dropping with the mouse. Tabs can also be detached and dropped on another panel.


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