Friday, 14 April 2017

Polo Beta 4

Beta 4 build of Polo File Manager is now available.

Beta releases are currently available only to a limited set of users who have donated to this project. The final stable release of Polo will be available to all users (in June). People who donate will get access to a few extra features in the final release.

Beta 5 will be available on April 30. You can track changes on the milestones page.

Pending: Trash, Archive support, Cloud storage support, Remote and virtual filesystems, Checksum calculations, Drag & drop.

What's New

File View Changes

  • Views will update automatically when directory contents change. There is no need to manually refresh the view using toolbar button or F5 key.
  • Previously, the view would default to the user's home directory when a device was unmounted, or if the path was not found while restoring the last session. This is inconvenient as the user has to navigate to the path again after connecting the device. Unmounting a device will now display "Device was unmounted" in the view instead of switching to user's home directory. While restoring the last session, an empty view will be displayed with message "Path not found".

First-Run Wizard

  • A wizard-style dialog was added to select the default layout on the first run of the application. Users can click one of the images to set the default layout. More pages will be added later for selecting other defaults.

Device Dropdown

  • [Fixed] Loop devices created by snap packages will not be displayed
  • [Fixed] Swap volumes will not be displayed
  • Device list in sidebar will refresh automatically when devices are connected, disconnected, mounted or unmounted
  • Device dropdown was updated to display the volume size and mount path

Speed Improvements

  • Folders will take less time to open after the first time, as some data will be cached for future use. This gives a 10% to 60% improvement in speed when folders are re-opened (depending on the number of items and images in folder).
  • More speed improvements are planned for Beta 5

Media bar changes

In previous version the view would switch automatically to Media View if the folder contained images or video. User had to exit the view manually or select the "Ignore" option. This is inconvenient since the view would change suddenly on entering such folders even if user wished to stay in the selected view (List, Icon, or Tiled).

Now the media bar will prompt user to switch to Media View without switching to it automatically.

User can select Yes to switch to Media View, or No to ignore the prompt. Selection will be remembered for future sessions and prompt will not appear for same folder again.

To reset the saved decision, simply change the view manually from the toolbar and the prompt will appear again when you open the folder.

Hide Files & Folders

Files and folders can now be hidden by selecting "Hide" or "Unhide" from the right-click menu. This adds an entry to the .hidden file in the parent directory.

Normally, only files starting with dot "." are treated as hidden files. Using this option allows files to be hidden without changing the name.

Files will remain hidden in all file managers that support .hidden files (Nemo, Nautilus, etc).

Other changes

  • Added keyboard shortcuts and menubar items for Back (Alt+Left), Forward (Alt+Right) and Up (Alt+Up)

  • Added keyboard shortcuts and menubar items for Open Location (Ctrl+L)

  • (Delete) will send files to trash and (Shift+Delete) will delete files permanently. This was mapped in opposite order in previous versions.

  • Added type-ahead selection for list view (files and folders can be selected by typing on keyboard).

  • [Fixed] Thumbnailer: Random crash on browsing directories with images

  • [Fixed] Thumbnailer: Do not generate thumbnails for image files smaller than 128px, load file directly instead.

  • [Fixed] Thumbnailer: Do not upscale thumbnails for images which are smaller then requested size.

  • [Fixed] Tree browsing was broken. Subfolders were not populated correctly when node was expanded.

  • [Fixed] Only first file was trashed on trashing multiple files


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