Thursday, 27 April 2017

Polo Beta 5 Preview

Beta 5 will be delayed by another week (May 7th). Here's a preview of new features.

What's New

Trash Support

  • You can now browse, delete and restore items in your trash.

  • Each user can see the items in their local trash folder plus trash folders on all mounted devices that they have access to.
  • Size of files in trash will be displayed in the sidebar and dropdown. So you will always be aware of how much data you have in trash.

  • Right-click menu for trashed items have an option to open the original path in a new tab, and options for copying trashed items to other locations.

Archive Support

  • Support was added for browsing, extracting and creating archives. This is powered by the p7zip utility which is available on most Linux distributions.

  • Archives can be browsed as normal folders with a double-click. Browsing nested archives (archives inside archives) is also supported.

  • You will be prompted for password when you try to open an encrypted archive with encrypted headers (encrypted file list). Encrypted archives with non-encrypted headers can be browsed normally. Password will be required only for extraction.

  • Once you enter password for an archive, it will be remembered for current session.

  • Extraction progress is similiar to the 7zip application on Windows :-). It shows detailed progress information and can also be paused and resumed.


Beta releases of Polo are currently available only to a limited set of users who have donated to this project. The final stable release of Polo will be available to all users (in July). People who donate get access to a few extra features in the final release.


  1. Looks great, Tony. When selecting an item (folder) in the sidebar, does it get highlighted? This helps to easily see where you are in the folder structure.

  2. The sidebar displays bookmarks; It will not be highlighted after selection. I'll be adding a folder view to the sidebar, for navigating the folder structure.

  3. Brilliant work, Tony. Is this 'from scratch' or forked from another project? I ask because although I think Nemo is pretty decent, it has a few issues that never seem to get fixed.


    1. It's written from scratch in Vala