Sunday, 18 June 2017

Polo Beta 8 Preview

This is a preview of Polo Beta 8. It will be available by end of June.

What's New

PDF Actions

Following actions were added to the right-click menu of PDF files:

  • Split - Splits the PDF file by page
  • Merge - Merge selected PDF files into one file by sorting on the file name
  • Add Password - Protect the PDF file by setting a password

  • Remove Password - Remove the password from a protected PDF file

  • Reduce File Size - Reduces the PDF file size by reducing the resolution. This works very well and can reduce the size of scanned documents to about 20% of the original size without any noticeable loss of quality. You can use the Optimize submenu if you need more options for reducing size.

  • Uncompress - Creates an uncompressed PDF file

  • Remove Colors - Creates a black and white PDF file

  • Rotate - Flip the pages upside down or rotate it left or right.

  • Optimize - Creates PDFs optimized for screen, ebook, printing, etc.

  • These options are powered by pdftk, ghostscript and other tools.

  • All actions create a new file in the current folder. Original file will not be modified.

  • The Split and Merge options can be combined to add, remove and re-arrange pages in a PDF document.

    • First Split the document you wish to modify. You will get one file for each page.
    • Delete pages by deleting files
    • Re-arrange pages by renaming files in the required order
    • Rotate any pages (if needed) using the Rotate submenu
    • Finally select the files and use the Merge option to create a new PDF document

KVM Improvements

Virtual disk images can now be converted to other formats using the options in right-click menu.

Following conversions are supported:


A CPU Limit option was added to Settings window. Keep this at 90% or below to prevent the guest VM from hogging the CPU on host system.

Write ISO to USB Device

Polo can now write ISO images to USB drives. Useful for creating bootable pen drives. The write operation is fast and displays detailed progress info with estimated time remaining.

Progress panel:

  • The ISO file will be written directly to the selected device. This is the same method used by tools like Etcher, Gnome Disk Utility, etc
  • The ISO file must be a hybrid ISO which can be written to both CD/DVD and USB drives. Almost all Linux distributions provide hybrid ISOs since USB drives are popular and CD/DVDs are becoming obsolete, but in some cases you may encounter non-hybrid ISOs as well. These will fail to boot if written directly and must be written using tools like UNetbootin, Rufus, etc. These tools unpack the contents of the ISO to the pen drive and then install a bootloader on it.

Other Changes

  • [Fixed] Renamed items disappear when folder is reloaded
  • [Fixed] Crash on changing icon size from Settings window
  • Fedora: The installer will now offer to install required dependencies when you run it
  • Various other issues were fixed


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