Friday, 6 October 2017

Polo v17.10

What's New

Tab Locking

Tabs can now be locked to a path by right-clicking the tab and selecting Lock Path from the context menu.

The tab will display a lock icon to indicate that it is locked. You can navigate to any folder under the locked path, but you cannot navigate to a location outside the path. Trying to navigate outside will open the new path in a new tab.

Support for Mounting & Browsing SquashFS, IMG Files

Squashfs and IMG images can be mounted using the Disk Image > Mount option in right-click menu. Mounted file will show up as a loop device in device manager.

Other Changes

  • Close selection bar on pressing Esc key
  • Display directory entry size by default instead of item count
  • Added option in Settings to query subfolders
  • Fixed: Refresh remote folder after file operation completes
  • Fixed: Inverted mouse cursor was displayed for some cursor themes on KDE
  • Fixed: Thumbnail generation for GIF files
  • Fixed: Display context menu for devices in sidebar. Display device name in header.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to mount or browse LUKS-encrypted devices where the entire disk is encrypted instead of just partitions.
  • Fixed: Success message was displayed on unmounting a device even if the device could not be unmounted.
  • Fixed: Trash: Display columns for Trashed Date and Original Location
  • Removed option to detach and drop tabs between panes was removed. Detached tabs have too many weird issues and can make the app crash in some scenarios. This feature will be enabled again once all issues are fixed.


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