Latest version: 2.0 BETA (09-Feb-2013)

FFCoder is an audio/video converter, which is capable of transcoding audio and video files to various formats. It is a front-end for many free transcoding utilities such as FFmpeg, MPlayer and MEncoder.


  • Encode audio and video files to 46 formats
  • Batch processing – Multiple files can be encoded with same settings
  • Parallel processing – Multiple files can be encoded simultaneously on systems with multi-core CPUs
  • Directory watch mode – Folders can be monitored for input files which will be picked up automatically and encoded with pre-defined settings.
  • Background processing – Encoding will be done in the background so that the user can continue with other tasks
  • Advanced configuration options for all codecs
  • 2-pass video encoding with automated first pass
  • 600+ presets for encoding videos for mobile devices
  • Support for presets created by other applications like MeGUI and XMediaRecode
  • Minimal CPU footprint with less than 1% CPU usage
  • Avisynth scripting support for processing audio and video
  • Options for cropping and trimming videos with auto-detection of borders and multi-segment trimming
  • Analyze audio and video files – Provides detailed information about audio and video properties
  • Extract audio and video tracks without re-encoding
  • Support for pause/resume during encoding and sleep/shutdown/hibernate after encoding
  • Support for ripping DVDs to AVI, MKV and other formats
  • Create JPEG/BMP/PNG/TIFF images from video files
  • Free for personal and commercial use


Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (22MB) or above (XP users only)
Nero AAC codec – The installer has an option to download it. If you are using the portable version then you will have to download it manually. Avisynth is included in the download package and will be installed automatically if needed. Codecs packs such as K-Lite are not required since decoding is done using the FFMS2 avisynth plugin (included in the download package).



FFCoder v2.0 BETA

Known Issues

  • The files to be converted should not have accented (non-ASCII) characters in the path or the file name. Non-ASCII characters are not supported by the encoders used in the backend.
  • This application has been tested only on 32-bit XP/Vista/Win7. There are multiple issues reported on 64-bit windows.
To report problems email me at teejee2008 at gmail dot com or post it on the FFCoder development thread on Doom9′s forums.


This program is free for personal use only. A support license can be purchased by users who need technical support or any other help with the application. Using FFCoder in an organization or for commercial purposes requires a commercial license.

Please use the button below for purchasing a Support license or Commercial license.
FFCoder License

Source Code Available

The source code of this program (written in VB.NET) is available for sale. The code can be easily customized for various audio/video conversion applications. Please contact me by email if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the source code.


This program is free for personal and commercial use and comes with absolutely no warranty. You use this program entirely at your own risk. The author will not be liable for any damages arising from the use of this program. You are allowed to redistribute this program as long as:
  • You don’t charge anything for it
  • All files in the download package are the same as the files in the original release.
This program is not open-source. If I ever lose interest in this project then I’ll put it up on Sourceforge.net along with the source code (Its not going to happen anytime soon). This program uses a lot of 3rd party programs as backends most of which are licensed under GPL and LGPL. Please visit their websites for more information.